Magnesium Transdermal (30-Day Supply)

$33.37 / month


It’s estimated that MOST Americans are Magnesium deficient. To be precise 75% of Americans are currently Magnesium deficient.

3/4 Americans Are Magnesium Deficient

It is a very common thing!

Low magnesium levels may be directly connected to feelings of depression and anxiety. – Learn more about the science behind low magnesium levels relating to anxiety here!

Why is XANFREE’s Magnesium supplement a transdermal skin patch delivery form?

In short – We only offer products that will work THE BEST for anxiety & stress! It is a serious issue we do not take lightly.

Magnesium is unique because it DOES NOT absorb in your body efficiently when ingested orally. Meaning normal magnesium supplement pills you swallow don’t work very well.

Magnesium absorbs well through the skin but NOT orally.

This could be part of the reason why there is such widespread Magnesium deficiency in 3/4 Americans.

The usual popular method of absorbing magnesium through the skin is taking an Epsom salt bath. Although this can be inconvenient to do every day.

So we created a direct to bloodstream transdermal Magnesium patch that allows much easier means to absorb magnesium through the skin.

Magnesium Transdermal Delivery Illustration

Each pack comes with a 30-day supply of Magnesium transdermal patches.


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We are so dedicated to having you try Magnesium Transdermals we are offering a 30-Day Money back guarantee! If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase simply contact us and we will refund your purchase!

Don’t spend another minute of your life without relaxation & peace of mind! Order your pack of Magnesium Transdermals today!


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