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Better Yourself- Sleep & Music/Art Therapy

Better Yourself- Sleep & Music/Art Therapy

Thanks for following along with XanFree this year as we continue to try to spread awareness and help those who may be struggling right now. As we continue to dive deeper into bettering yourself, we feel it is important to explain why these techniques can help reduce and improve anxiety and stress.






Getting more sleep is straightforward, your body needs to recover each night. If you don't give it enough time to do so you won't be the best version of yourself. Some ways to get more sleep include forming a sleep schedule, avoid naps longer than 20 minutes, and staying away from caffeine or alcohol later in the day.

Everyone needs different amounts of sleep as determined by The National Sleep Foundation:

  • Newborns: 14-17 hours
  • 1-2 year olds: 11-14 hours
  • 3-5 year olds: 10-13 hours
  • 6-13 year olds: 9-11 hours
  • 14-17 year olds: 8-10 hours
  • 18-64 year olds: 7-9 hours
  • 65+ year olds: 7-8 hours

There are ways to help optimize your sleep to get the best results. Keeping a consistent schedule to go to bed and waking up gives a routine to follow every day to help stay on track. Making the room you sleep in comfortable by decreasing the temperature slightly and creating a calm atmosphere can also aid in getting the best sleep you can.

Music Therapy


Music Therapy


Music therapy is best done by a trained professional, but you  can do it on your own if you are able to. Finding music that makes you feel happy, brings you joy or makes you move is best for music therapy.

These followings tips can help you to use music to improve your health:

  1. Listen with a purpose. When you're anxious or worried, use music to redirect those thoughts and feelings.

  2. Match your mood. When you notice your mood is low, listen to music that first matches how you feel. Next, pick songs that change your mood over time.

  3. Start a music journal. Journaling is a process that collects thoughts and feelings. By writing down those feelings, you can improve focus on the now rather than worry or pain.

  4. Listen to something new. Listening to new music can activate your mind in a productive and interesting way. You could even try to find new things in familiar songs. Did you notice something about the words or the background singers? Really try to make every song new again to you.

  5. Try something new. Pull out that guitar or ukulele from under your bed and learn a new skill. Trying something new can energize and motivate you.

  6. Talk to a music therapist. Music therapists are there to support you as experts on how to use music to accomplish any of your goals.

There are even different approaches to music therapy you can use to tackle your stress and anxiety.

  • Analytical music therapy
  • Benenzon music therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral music therapy (CBMT)
  • Community music therapy
  • Nordoff-Robbins music therapy
  • The Bonny method of guided imagery and music (GIM)
  • Vocal psychotherapy

Art Therapy


Art Therapy


As for art therapy, any kind of art or craft can be done. you can do this by doing any sort of art and craft. You can paint, draw, or color, whatever gets your mind in a creative space.

There are few different types of art that you can do to help:

  • Coloring Books- set the expectation of what to color, many are not intimidated by them
  • Mandala Artwork- is made of circular objects and designs. The boundaries of the graphics can give a sense of control and calmness
  • Writing In A Journal- writing down things and people you are thankful for
  • Scribbling On Paper- the freedom of scribbling can take away the expectation of drawing something well. In a sense, how you scribble can resemble your emotions.
  • Collage Crafting- making a collage of a place that makes you feel safe and at ease, like the beach or mountains, can help calm you at the moment

Stay Tuned

There are several other methods that can help improve sleep. As well there are other types of music and art therapy methods and tools that can be used to improve a person's anxiety and stress.

Check back in tomorrow, 1/12/22 to learn more about the next topic we are bringing awareness to - stress.

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