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Does Sex Relieve Stress?

Does Sex Relieve Stress?

Research shows that sex alleviates distress and may also improve mood.1 Similarly, frequent sex may build stronger social relationships and relieve stress, some reports suggest.

Stress relief is important in managing stress. Without some form of relief, humans will struggle to maintain good health.

While everyone experiences stress in different circumstances, people utilize numerous methods to reduce tension. For instance, when stressed, some people tend to engage in sexual activities to manage stress.

Some studies assert that people have more sex when in a good mood and may avoid sexual activities when sad or depressed.2 While there is no clear explanation for this behavior, some believe that gender and sexual relationship are the leading factors.

Similarly, when faced with daily stress, some people develop sexual problems, such as vaginismus and pre-ejaculation, affecting their sexual satisfaction and frequency. Indeed, some individuals have an increased libido, while others have lower sex drives during this occurrence.

Sex is important for procreating and also connecting with your partner. It’s safe to state that younger people tend to derive more sexual satisfaction from sex when compared to older adults.

This is because age plays a vital role in sexual frequency and satisfaction. Older adults, especially those with health concerns, often reduce sexual activities based on numerous factors, such as menopause and hypertension.

People who engage in sexual activities may enjoy some benefits, including improved mood, mental health, and immunity.

A recent study revealed that sex might improve women's cardiac health, thereby reducing the chances of having cardiovascular disease. 3

Sex And Stress Response

Sex is a common concept, especially when examining procreation. Today, people can have children without sex, thanks to technological advancement. However, sex is still the most used means to have a biological child.

People have sex to procreate, build stronger relationships and relieve stress. While there are many debates on sex's effectiveness for stress relief, some experts believe that people become less stressed after having sex.

Further, stress is a feeling of being overwhelmed or frustrated.4 You may feel stressed when you face new challenges, or you face. In other words, stress is a response that occurs when you face emotional, mental, or physical challenges.

To relieve this situation, people engage in various activities, such as dancing, sleeping, or even having sex. While it's completely normal to be stressed, you have to manage your stress level or develop health problems.

There are some symptoms associated with a high-stress level, and they are:

  • Headaches5
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • High blood pressure

Your body interprets stress as danger. It immediately goes into "fight or flight" mode, leading to a series of symptoms, which you can relieve when you incorporate stress management techniques.

The relationship between sex and stress is complex, especially because many people have different needs at a particular point in time.

Some reports show that increased sexual activities may result in higher stress levels, while others believe that sexual activities may reduce mental tension.

When examining these situations, research shows that sex as a stress reliever is based on the relationship between the parties. In that report, experts asserted that parties might enjoy some form of relief when people have sex in a satisfying relationship, particularly a marital relationship.

Improved Heart Health


Improved Heart Health


Your heart plays an important role in your survival. The heart pumps blood to different parts of the body, making it an important body part.

Similarly, reports show that heart-related health problems are one of the leading health challenges American adults face. According to statistics, heart problems contribute to thousands of deaths annually.

In addition, there are different kinds of heart diseases.6 Heart diseases refer to a series of health conditions affecting the heart. Unlike other health issues, heart diseases may occur without showing any symptoms, making it necessary to go for regular checkups.

People with heart diseases usually develop heart attacks, accompanied by body pains, fatigue, and general discomfort. Fortunately, you have improved your heart health when you have regular sex.

According to experts, sex is a form of exercise, giving numerous health benefits.7 Usually, exercise is one of the most recommended ways to curb or reduce the effects of heart problems.

Similarly, many people wonder if regular sex can hurt their hearts. Since exercises, especially cardio, may be too strenuous for older people.

It’s safe to state that sex is less strenuous when compared to cardiovascular exercises. 8 And this means that people can have sex without worrying about developing a heart attack.

To enjoy better sex, you can try these tips for better heart health:

  • Exercising: To enjoy sex, you should have regular exercise. Create a routine that is suitable for your health condition. This will help you stay healthy even as you age.
  • Eating a balanced diet: Food is crucial for maintaining good health. Avoid oily and fatty foods, and also include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Going for regular checkups: You need to go for regular checkups. This helps you detect certain medical conditions in their early stages. When you detect these problems early, you can manage them.

Finally, we can say sex is an excellent way to become fitter, thereby improving heart health. While sex cannot directly stop heart disease, it helps reduce the chances of developing this condition.

Sweet Pain Relief


Pain Relief


Pain is a reaction to an uncomfortable sensation.9 Many situations can cause pain, such as stabbing, kicking, and punching.

Everyone encounters physical and emotional pains, resulting in a state of vulnerability or discomfort. In the same vein, they find methods to alleviate the distress. A common method for alleviating pain is the use of pain relievers.

Pain relievers are usually drugs that target body pains, such as muscle tension and headaches. While pain relievers are the most common way to relieve pain, some people engage in sexual activities to reduce pain.

However, in certain situations, pain interferes with your ability to have sex. When in pain, people tend to stop all sexual activities from managing the situation. Others cannot have sex because of some side effects of drugs used to reduce pain.

In addition, sex leads to the production of oxytocin, a chemical compound also known as a love drug.10 This is because the levels of this hormone increase when hugging or during sexual activities.  

The hormone acts on specific organs in the body, such as the breast and uterus. Other reports show that oxytocin is crucial for inducing childbirth in pregnant women.

Also, when oxytocin peaks in men, it leads to an orgasm. It’s safe to state that this chemical is necessary for maintaining good sexual health for both men and women.

This hormone may also help humans relieve pain and stress. Indeed, the love hormone is a chemical compounded triggered by love-related affairs. Even when you are not having sex, your body may produce this hormone, helping you manage stress hormones.

Cortisol is a stress hormone, which humans encounter resulting from the brain's response to stressful activities and events. When your stress level is high, your immune system reacts by producing this chemical to protect you.

All in all, your body produces oxytocin as a response to social connections. It is also associated with lactation, sexual satisfaction, and childbirth.

Less Stress And Lower Blood Pressure


Blood Pressure


Generally, sex can help you manage stress to a certain degree. For most people, this activity helps them relax, especially after a stressful day. So, it is not surprising that some people crave sex after being overwhelmed by daily activities.

In the same vein, stress may also affect your body's libido. Some studies show that women tend to reduce sexual activities when stressed. Men, on the other hand, tend to want more sex even after stressful days.

Further, sex also releases endorphin, another feel-good hormone. When the body releases this chemical compound, you may notice reduced pains and improved mood.

This may also help people struggling with chronic stress and depression. Similarly, mental health patients may manage their conditions better with the production of endorphins and oxytocin.

Indeed, high blood pressure is a common condition amongst older adults. As humans grow older, they may become susceptible to different kinds of heart diseases. 

A study conducted, the investigation revealed that people who have penetrative sex might manage stressful situations better. Since this activity is a kind of exercise, you are healthily working your heart.

Although sex and exercises help burn calories, they cannot be compared. Some exercises might be too strenuous for you to engage in, particularly when you have heart disease. Sex, on the other hand, is usually not too strenuous, and it is hardly a cause for concern.

Still, sex is an activity that does not only help you build stronger relationships but may also act as a pain reliever and a way to manage stress.


Many experts believe sex can relieve stress by producing feel-good hormones, which help you improve mood and reduce tension. To enjoy better sex, you should incorporate some techniques, such as exercising, eating good food, and going for regular medical checkups.


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