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Chamomile for Anxiety & Effects on Your Wellness

Chamomile for Anxiety & Effects on Your Wellness

Chamomile & Its Effects on Anxiety & Relaxation

The odds are that you’ve tried chamomile tea at least once in your life. Did you know people use Chamomile for Anxiety? It can deliver an all-around soothing effect on both your body and brain.

Does that mean chamomile is worth adding to supplements that aim at providing anxiety relief?

chamomile for anxiety mortar and pestal
Chamomile Flower in a pestle and mortar

In this article, we are investigating scientific studies related to chamomile. As well as using Chamomile for Anxiety relief.

Our goal is to determine whether the chamomile flower has anxiolytic or antidepressant properties. Here is how this plant can promote your health and well-being.

An Introduction to the Chamomile Plant

Did you know that chamomile has been used for decades as a medicinal herb?

Historical data indicates it is among the oldest medicinal plants used by humanity. The common name for this plant depends on its variety, and the two most common species are Chamaemelum Nobile and Chamomilla Recutita.

The herb belongs to a family of Compositae plants, and its flowers are the main component used in therapeutic applications.

chamomile for anxiety extract
The Chamomile Plant

Flowers contain flavonoids and terpenoids, which are popular antioxidants that can help to resist oxidative stress.

Chamomile tea is popular for GI distress, but also insomnia, muscle spasms, and other applications. Chamomile also has a purpose in the cosmetic industry since its oil is applied in aromatherapy and skincare products.

As long as you are not allergic to chamomile, and that occurs rarely, it is safe to use this herb.

Research Showing How Chamomile Is Useful for Treating Anxiety in Short and Long-Term:

You can find studies for both short-term and long-term application of chamomile.

chamomile for anxiety studies and research
Chamomile has been extensively researched

Chamomile For Stress Scientific Research #1:

For example, a study published in Phytomedicine in 2016 focused on the potential short-term benefits of chamomile.

The researchers included 179 subjects with Gad – a generalized anxiety disorder.

Although 15% stopped the treatment, 58% of the participants met the response criteria on various anxiety scales. They consumed chamomile extract for eight weeks and showed considerable enhancement in their GAD-7 scores.

The conclusion is that the herb has anxiolytic properties similar to the benefits that medications provide.

The same publication revealed results of a study that focused on long-term results of using chamomile for GAD.

The researchers' crucial note is that chamomile is safe when used in the long run. A total of 93 participants completed this study, and they were divided in the treatment and placebo group.

Those who received chamomile extract had considerably lower results on the GAD symptom scale.

Additionally, they noted a decrease in arterial blood pressure and bodyweight reduction.

Chamomile For Depression Scientific Research #2:

If we go further back, we find another study focused on antidepressant characteristics of chamomile flower extract. The researchers marked chamomile as an effective and affordable therapy for depression and anxiety.

A total of 57 participants completed a study that involved consuming chamomile extract orally.

Every third participant already exhibited comorbid depression combined with anxiety, 16 had the history of both, and 22 only showed signs of anxiety in the past. The results were monitored by using the Hamilton Depression Rating.

Participants filled a questionnaire, and the ratings showed a considerably lower depression rating in those who consumed herbal extract.

The researchers concluded that the antidepressant properties of chamomile could be significant. That indicates the herb could help to provide anxiety relief, but also assist in dealing with depression.

Chamomile For Anxiety Scientific Research #3:

Another study focused on generalized anxiety disorder was published in 2009.

The research included 57 patients with their GAD severity reported as moderate or mild. The participants took part in the study that lasted eight weeks. A portion of them received chamomile extract, and the rest a placebo treatment.

The researchers used HAM rating to determine anxiety, but also Beck Anxiety Inventory and ratings on Psychological Well Being.

Chamomile consumers showed a considerable reduction in HAM ratings.

The same positive change occurred on other scales, although it was not that significant. The researchers concluded that chamomile could help patients with GAD.

The Effectiveness of Sleep and Chamomile’s Role in Sleep Quality

If you haven't slept well during the night, you are nervous the following day. That means you are more sensitive to stressful situations.

chamomile for anxiety & sleep
Chamomile has been used as a sleep aid

Sleep is critical for maintaining a positive mood and pushing through challenging days without too much stress. Sleep itself is very important for reducing anxiety. See our article about sleep relating to anxiety here.

However, anxiety could also cause you problems to fall asleep, and it can even lead to insomnia. Chamomile supports an optimal sleep pattern and helps you to get your deserved rest at night.

Chamomile For Sleep Scientific Research #4:

A study published in 2016 focused on postnatal women dealing that experienced disturbances in their usual sleep pattern.

The researchers picked 80 women based on the Postpartum Sleep Quality Scale. The first group drank chamomile tea for 14 days, and the other was administered a placebo. The results indicated a significantly lower depression level in users who consumed chamomile tea.

That confirmed the antidepressant activity of this herb.

Additionally, sleep inefficiency results were also improved in the chamomile group. That indicates the plant can also contribute to better sleep quality.

The researchers agree that supplemental treatment with this herb could promote sleep quality and alleviate depression-like symptoms.

Chamomile For Sleep Scientific Research #5:

Another interesting study was conducted in Isfahan in 2017. The researchers focused on elderly people in nursing homes.

A total of 77 participants were asked to consume chamomile capsules for four weeks or a placebo treatment. The researchers used a questionnaire to determine the sleep quality.

The results showed the sedative characteristics of chamomile extract in this population.

According to science, chamomile has an all-around effect on calmness. That includes helping to provide anxiety relief, but also promoting sleep quality and relaxation.

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